Food Safety

The Public is increasingly aware of food safety issues in the restaurant industry. As the premier distributor of a line of fresh and frozen seafood products, True World Foods is an industry leader in food safety as well. Our customers can feel confident knowing that they are receiving products that are processed using the strictest standards of hygiene, safety and quality control.

Some examples of standards we adhere:

  • On arrival, the temperature of each fish is measured & recorded. Any tuna with a temperature higher than 40°F is rejected.
  • All fresh fish products are iced down to maintain quality.
  • Wearing sanitary gloves is required when handling fish.
  • During food handling, hands must be washed and sanitized regularly. Protective lab coats and hairnets must be worn.
  • The warehouse is thoroughly cleaned before and after each workday.
  • Storage temperatures are monitored 24/7.
  • Handled with care and packed to maintain freshness, we deliver superior products direct to our customers’ doors daily via our fleet of refrigerated trucks.


SALSA: Safe and Local Supplier Approval

SALSA is one of the more sought after accreditation certificates for food in the UK. Food Suppliers accredited by SALSA must adhere to stringent systems of due diligence, traceable record keeping, hygiene and safety related protocol as well as requisite training for handling and processing of food products. Most supermarkets and chain restaurants request an accreditation of such before entering into business with a supplier.True World Foods UK is proud and happy to announce that we are accredited by SALSA as a reminder to our customers of our commitment to sustainable, safe, traceable and high quality service and products.