How To Defrost Tuna Saku

How to Defrost Sun Ocean Ltd’s Tuna Saku

Our Frozen Tuna is a good alternative to fresh yellow-fin/big eye tuna as it proves an exceptional quality with a strong positive feedback from our customers. It’s skin/blood off and only finest part (middle) of Yellow Fin Tuna saku, hence, there is naturally no wastage.

As Sri Lankan tuna is suspended to import to Europe by new European regulation for sustainability issue early this year, it is a good time to introduce our premium frozen tuna to every kitchen in Europe.
It is only caught by hand-line catching, complying tuna sustainability law in the ocean, so we believe this product is the future of tuna recommended to every restaurants wishing to provide premium tuna menu.

However, there is a special way to defrost our tuna saku (as above).