Sea Bass / Suzuki

Seabass is a fish so popular with anglers all over the world that it is also an extremely popular for sashimi and sushi in Japan.

Seabass is first called koppa when very young, then seigo at about 1 year in age, fukko as it ages another year and grows to about 3 pounds, and finally suzuki as it reaches full maturity and about 6 pounds in weight and 20 inches in length in Japan.

Suzuki’s flesh can be either firm or soft, depending on the cut. If cut from the belly, the meat is quite high in fat content and has a very soft mouthfeel. Cuts of meat from other parts of the fish are somewhat firm and a little chewy but still retain a wonderful, sweet flavor. In both cases, Suzuki offers a delicious taste and aroma, especially when allowed to age for a few days.