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Hygiene & Safety

At True World Foods (UK) Ltd., we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety in all our operations. We understand that the safety of our employees, customers, and the quality of our seafood products are of paramount importance. Our dedication to maintaining a clean, safe, and compliant environment is unwavering.

1. SALSA Certification
We proudly hold the SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) certification, which demonstrates our commitment to producing and supplying safe and legal seafood products. Our certification reflects our rigorous adherence to best practices and industry standards.

2. Food Safety
We maintain strict food safety protocols from the moment seafood is received to the point of delivery. All our employees receive training in food safety, hygiene, and handling of seafood products. We regularly review and update our food safety procedures to stay compliant with industry regulations. The business personal hygiene standards are documented and adopted by all personnel, including visitors to the factory.

3. Supplier Approval
We are committed to ensuring that the seafood products we source meet the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and quality. We understand the critical role our suppliers play in delivering safe and exceptional seafood to our customers. Therefore, we have established strict guidelines to evaluate and approve our suppliers.

4. Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance team rigorously inspects and monitors all seafood products to ensure they meet our quality and safety standards. Environmental control of product (temperature, controlled atmosphere) is critical to product safety, legality and quality, this is adequately controlled, monitored, recorded and verified. Quantity control system is in place to ensure the product complies with weights and measures legislation requirements.

5. Hygiene Standards
Our facilities adhere to strict hygiene standards, including regular sanitation and cleaning routines. Employees are required to follow proper handwashing and hygiene practices. Housekeeping and cleaning system shall be in place to ensure appropriate standards of hygiene are maintained at all times and that risk of contamination is minimized.

6. Traceability
We maintain a comprehensive traceability system that allows us to quickly identify the source of all fresh and frozen products and track their journey through our supply chain.

7. Food Safety Culture
The senior management team have a system in place to present food safety commitment and continual improvement within the business, including key performance indicator / objectives and set for key safety parameters, communication and promotion, followed by annual meeting.

8. Regulatory Compliance
We stay informed and up-to-date with all relevant local and national regulations pertaining to seafood safety and hygiene. We work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure full compliance with all applicable laws. Our Technical Team continuously improve knowledge by attending various courser and conferences.

9. Employee Training
All employees receive ongoing training in food safety, hygiene, and safety practices. We encourage our team to report any safety or hygiene concerns promptly. The business ensures that all employees are adequately trained, instructed and supervised commensurate with their activity and can demonstrate that staff are competent to carry out their activity. All production staff holds a certificate for minimum of level 2 in food safety. All employees receive also documented in-house training in: food safety, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitation procedures, personal safety and their role in HACCP program.

10. Continuous Improvement
We regularly review and update our hygiene and safety policies and procedures to incorporate the latest best practices. Feedback from employees and customers is welcomed and used to enhance our safety measures.

11. Emergency Preparedness
We have contingency plans in place to address potential emergencies, such as product recalls or food safety incidents.


12. Customer Confidence
We are dedicated to building and maintaining our customers' trust by consistently delivering safe, high-quality seafood products.


True World Foods (UK) Ltd. is committed to being a responsible seafood wholesaler that prioritises hygiene and safety above all else. Our SALSA certification is a testament to our dedication to providing seafood products that meet the highest industry standards.


This policy represents our commitment to continuous improvement and our mission to ensure that every seafood product we deliver is safe, wholesome, and of the finest quality. For any questions or concerns related to hygiene and safety, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

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